In our clinic we have a core of non-surgical procedures, with a multidisciplinary team (Dermatologist, Beautician and physiotherapist).


We are one of the pioneers in Bioplasty with more than 3000 patients treated with excellent results. This method is the inclusion of injectable substances that may be permanent or absorbable (temporary). Used to fill depressions and folds of the skin, folds in the lower eyelid, raise the nose tip, correct the nasal back, improve the contour of the lips and perilabial wrinkles, enhance and define the shape of the contour of the chin and jaw, and correcting depressed scars. Procedure performed in the office and with rapid return to the professional.



The Rhinomodelation is a technique that allows modifying the angular relation among the various nasal segments without requiring nasal surgery. It is performed in the office under local anesthesia. The run time is fast without the need for hospitalization, with more security, less risk, in short time, no postoperative disabling, with immediate and definitive result. The patient continues normal life and improves its appearance, without changing his countenance, with appreciable gain in self esteem. It shall improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose without surgery.


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